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Why Us?

​North Country Welding Supply, LLC is a locally owned and operated Vermont family business. We grew up on a small dairy farm where we learned the value of hard work and honesty. We are not a big gas corporation from out of state or country. We care about our customers.

It's our mission to provide great products and excellent service at fair prices. So, how do we do that you may ask?

A. Great Products - With over 25 years of experience in the welding industry working in primarily engineering and technical support we know quality products. With that knowledge, we select the quality, cost effective products you need to get the job done at a fair price.

B. Excellent Service - We stock our trucks full of gas, wire, rod, tips, abrasives, safety supplies and more. We have regular routes where we stop on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on call basis depending upon your level of need. We can quickly adjust our routes for emergency calls. We also have several local cylinder drop stations stocked with the most common gases and tank sizes for your convenience.

C. Fair Prices - We offer fair, consistent, straight forward pricing. No hidden fees. We put our prices on our delivery tickets. We won't push you to buy the most expensive brands when there are more cost-effective brands. We don't play the bait and switch pricing game where the big gas corporation offers a low-ball price to get your business. Then jack it up later when you're not looking. We will give you a fair price every day.

Welding Supply Delivery
Welding Supply Delivery
North Country Welding Supply Owner
Our First Employee

Dana Colson, Jr. - Owner of North Country Welding Supply, LLC. shown here with his son Austin Colson.

Happy Customers


We'd like to earn you business. We are a growing Vermont small business that will work hard for you!

Welding Supply Delivery
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